Alphachanneling (Summer Show)

July 21 - August 31, 2017

OLSEN GRUIN NY (Elizabeth St)

OLSEN GRUIN is excited to present a new selection of drawings by Alphachanneling at our 211 Elizabeth Street location.  The works on view continue Channeling’s exploration of the body as a vessel of idealized sexual pleasure and visual radiance called Utopian Erotic.  In this world, rich in its influence of varying cultures and religions—Tantrism, Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism—women are the sacred figures that allow entrance into a utopian landscape where the body is a hotbed of visual language and celebration.  Compositions reveal bodies that are inseparably woven, channeling ancient tantric positions, and intricate details such as background flora, fauna, and genitalia are fused in the power of spiritual and sexual exploration.

Alphachanneling (b. Switzerland), lives and works in Oakland, California. Recent group exhibitions include Natural Selection at The Hole in New York City, Booty Worship Show at Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles and Draw Gym Show at 247365 in Brooklyn. An Instagram sensation with 514,000 followers, Alphachanneling has a far-reaching online presence that has awarded the artist many admirers.

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Please note: Works may no longer be available as shown and prices may be subject to change to reflect current market value. Please contact the gallery for assistance. Thank you

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